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The HS-201 single hermetic sliding doors are manufactured under the B; S3; d0 fire reaction certification and classification 5 of hermeticity as per EN12426:2000. They are designed without moulding or relieves to enjoy a high level of disinfection and to facilitate their maintenance at sterile conditions. The AG150 operator, which comes with an antidust cover, guarantees the door remains closed in case of main power failure, however allows for a manual opening through a handle or a handhold. The AG150 operator is controlled by a hidden panel accessible for the technicians only and is activated through push buttons or rubber buffers. The upper rail, the EPDM joints and the own function of the operator ensure a hermetic closing against the wall frame and the floor which keeps a constant pressure within the surgical room.
They can optionally incorporate a flush window or lead protection for X-Ray rooms.

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